All of the hard work, and now it’s time…

Sylvester, Michael, Bornface, and Brian met daily for weeks to prepare for Work 4 a Living “Train the Trainer” training. The actual training took place in at Siya Sebenza in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Preparing to board the return flight to Lusaka.

Training was quite rigorous; every morning we met with a Work 4 a Living class. They were training for job skills, but we were training to facilitate these same classes. The students arrived from all over the place, financially, geographically, and attitudinally. Aside from our Zambia group, the facilitators were all recent W4AL graduates — their facilitators hand-picked them as future leaders of the program.

Every afternoon, after the students left, we new facilitators learned. We practiced the lessons that the students had learned in the morning, and we prepared for tomorrow’s lessons. For some of the lessons, we had to assume the role of actors.  As good facilitators, we cannot simply tell the information; we must deliver it in such a way as to get the main point across. Doing this requires a lot of concentration and focus!

Sometime midway through the class, we saw a change in the students.

Sylvester training: teaching about compound interest

They arrived (for the most part) quiet, reserved, and hesitant. But by the second week, they were much quicker to answer questions and to engage in discussion. Likewise, the facilitators grew in confidence and in community. We laughed together as we shared (and acted out) the story of a fictional employee who made life difficult for his employer. As new facilitators, we struggled together to most adequately express the main point about the resources we actually have here in Africa. We worked hard on our mathematic skills — Sylvester is pictured practicing explaining compound interest. If we can explain compound interest in a way that others can easily understand, then we are well on our way!

We Trained… What is Next?

The class seemed to fly by, and soon we were bidding farewell to our new friends, students and fellow facilitators. Then we returned home to Lusaka, where the real work begins. We continue to meet with potential employers; the best way to start classes is by advertising jobs. The video below might help you see how we are advertising our program to potential employers.

Soon we will have a permanent site where we will teach. Meanwhile, we continue to practice what we learned in training.

This is where you come in. If you believe in the mission of Work 4 a Living, you can be a part of it! First of all, pray for us. While this program is a jobs program, it is fundamentally a spiritual program. We need prayers.

You can also donate to us through the UMC Global Ministries “Advance” website, where 100% of all donations goes directly to the project.

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We are excited about moving from training to implementation!