We’re making a difference!

Each of us is uniquely gifted to serve in different ways.  Our focus is on working with the (financially) poor and working together for their success.  Here are a few ways in which we are trying to accomplish this:

 1.      Building Church/Community Resource Centers

Lusaka, Zambia’s compounds have no public library, computer center, safe place for continuing education (primary and secondary), career coaching, educational guidance, job training or any of the resources that we as westerners are used to being available.imgres

We will begin in the Lusaka neighborhood of Matero.

Average age: 19

Average education level: grade 6

Average income level: $40 per month

Most of the Matero community is still considered ‘squatters’ or ‘unplanned urban housing’.  Very preventable diseases such as cholera and treatable ones such as tuberculosis, are still major problems in these urban centers.

2.    Providing Computer Labs/Classes/Coaching

Our aim is to raise theimages education, life skills, health, leadership, and awareness levels of the people.

  1. Increased education levels and English competency (English is the Business language of Zambia but most Zambians do not speak it in the home).
  2. More Entrepreneurship, more successful small businesses, more people successfully employed (or employing).
  3. Career/Educational Coaching
  4. A more empowered people that will learn how to help themselves and will then turn to help others.

3.     Leadership and Pastoral Training


In 2007, the Zambia Provisional Conference of the United Methodist Church resolved that every church would pay their pastor approximately $50/month. However, no single church has managed to do so.

This aspect of the program will help churches pay their pastors. Moreover, it will provide scholarships for pastors, church leaders, and potential pastors to obtain theological education.

4.     Encouraging the Children

In a nation of children, we have a unique opportunity to nurture an often overlooked segment of the population. IMG_5150Beginning in Matero compound and eventually in other areas, our goal is to help the children feel important and to know they are loved by God.

  1. Providing a safe place for them to learn and grow – physically and spiritually.
  2. Teaching them age-appropriate Bible lessons.
  3. Encouraging cross-cultural friendships with letter writing.