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Earlier this year, we visited many places in the United States to share God’s vision for the church and ministry in Lusaka, Zambia. We are now ready to begin our work toward Community Resource Centers! Our first step is training. In October, we will travel to Port Elizabeth, South Africa for Work 4 a Living training.

Meet our appointed leaders for the pilot Work 4 a Living Training:

Michael Katiba

Michael is a leader in the St. Marks (Matero) United Methodist Church in teaching adult and children’s Sunday School, leading Bible studies for youth and adults, and preaching during Sunday worship.

Michael is an extremely motivated young man with a passion for evangelism and discipleship. He gladly serves God and the church in whatever capacity he can.




Sylvester Kabwe

Sylvester is also a leader in the St. Marks (Matero) United Methodist Church. He came to us from Luanshya, where he was the Youth Ministry President. He often translates for Brian’s preaching, he sings in the youth choir, and he helps lead the church (and district) youth.



 Bornface Sibanda

Bornface is another wonderful leader in St. Mark’s (Matero) UMC.  He is looked up to by most of the youth and is an articulate teacher.  He can help any age to understand difficult concepts and he is also able to organize and make sure that programs run smoothly.  His heart is completely devoted to Christ and he is willing to serve and work in any way that the Lord calls him to do.



Blessings Chikwanda

Blessings is an amazing worship leader at St. Marks (Matero) UMC. She brings passion and enthusiasm to worship every week. She is also a hard worker and looks forward to teaching.

Blessings is interested in becoming our English language teacher. She needs further TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. This 120 hour course costs $1295, and we would love to get her started this month so she can begin teaching in January. She will also need a laptop and internet connection.


How Can You Help?

Flight cost: $650 per person

Transportation (beyond flights): $30 per person

Housing cost: $150 per person (covers 2 weeks housing)

Food cost: $175 per person (covers 2 weeks worth of food)

Training cost: FREE

Total: $1005 per person x 4 Zambian trainees = $4020

Vinson Family: 2 trainees + 3 children = $4575

TEFL Training for Blessings: $1295

Our total need for this phase of our project is $9890. Would you or your church be willing to sponsor one trainee for $1005? Or would you be able to sponsor half that cost ($500), or the housing or food cost for one trainee ($150 or $175)? Would you be willing to sponsor Blessings’ TEFL certification course ($1295)?

Your gift will not only impact the ones who are training, but the entire community. You can make a donation through our Advance Project Page at 100% of all donations through the Advance go directly to the program.






  1. We thank God for the great project. it will go a long way to help benefit the communities

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