When we heard about Work 4 a Living, the job skills training program, it met our expectations in all kinds of ways. Developed in South Africa, it was prepared with an African worldview. The program meets the needs of the community we serve. Our facilitators (who we introduced previously) will teach badly needed job skills to assist the locals in finding and keeping employment. But perhaps the greatest aspect of this program is its foundation.

Work 4 a Living is based in Christian discipleship.

The first segment of training involved a course called Coram Deo – the Basics Course.

Somebody is actively impacting culture. We can look at our societies and ask a very simple question: Do we see more and more of the kingdom of God coming into our communities and our nations, or do we see more and more of our societies coming into our churches?

God has ordained his bride, the Church, to work for the blessing and healing of our broken nations. As Christians, we are called to engage—to create culture that aligns with reality as God created it—to witness to the truth. To love our neighbors sacrificially, just as Jesus taught. The Basics Course is powerful, proven training that will equip you to identify practical solutions to the challenges facing your community and nation. Two application-oriented “labs” will help you put the training into practice immediately.

Coram Deo is full of well-based theological reflections and practical application. The studies forced us to examine our own cultural worldviews and the underlying lies therein. Because God really does want us to live out His will here and now, not just in heaven!

If you’ve read this far and you are wanting to know more about Coram Deo, you are in luck! Tara is facilitating a group going through this study over the next three months. The class will encourage you to live every moment of your life before the face of God –- in his presence, under his authority, and for his glory, whether in the sanctuary, in the home, or in the marketplace. You are not too late to join if you hurry. Send her a message on Facebook and she can get you the information to join the online class!