Advancing Hope in Christ’s Name

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.  ~Hebrews 10:23

The United Methodist Church in Zambia is a young church, a church with many hopes and dreams. Though we have written before about Zambia’s poverty, that is not what defines the United Methodist Church here. More appropriately, the church might define itself as hopeful.

Our leaders are hopeful that soon we will become a fully functioning, self-sustaining Conference. (Currently we are a provisional conference, under the auspices of the South Congo bishop). We hope that we will one day have the infrastructure to support our pastors and the work of Christ. And we hope to make a difference in our communities.

One hope our members hold is for church buildings. Currently we meet in school classrooms, in a disabilities center, and we have even met in a home. A building represents hope: for evangelism, for stability, for church growth.

But to us, a building represents hope for the community.

We plan to use a building for Sunday worship, for Tuesday youth meetings, for Wednesday prayers and Bible Study, and for choir practice and seminars, but that’s not all.  Our building will be a community resource center, offering entrepreneurship classes, English language courses, Bible study courses, money management courses. We will provide career counseling and computer classes. A building is a place for education, and education offers hope to the community.

We have been waiting patiently for the opportunity to move forward with the plan God has called us to… and now we can!

United Methodist Global MAdvancing Hope in Christ's Nameinistries has approved our proposal to build resource centers in Lusaka, Zambia, through the Advance. You can find some of the specifics here: Building Church and Community Resource Centers

With the approval of our project, now you have the opportunity to partner with us! In a future blog post, I will explain a little more about how the Advance works, but for now, you can find information on how to give on UMC Global Ministries’ Advance Project Webpage. You, too, can give hope to our friends here in Zambia!


  1. Glory be to very excited and happy for what God has done to the church and what he is yet to do. it’s my humble prayer ? that may the almighty God bless the Vinson family ? and our partners who have the same hope and faith in the development of the church ⛪.to God be the glory

  2. This is awesome news!!

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